WWe have had some pretty simple guidelines around here at ROI Pop. Some of the most important ones have been to do better for those around us and those we work with and to always give back. I try and live this everyday and at times I fail….like we all do. Today, thankfully, is not one of those days.

When we started ROI Pop all of us wanted to eventually donate a water well to school children in Africa via an organization called Drop in the Bucket. They are a nonprofit that we have had the privilege of getting to know over the years. From the founders, to the volunteers, to the men and women on the ground in Africa doing the work……a truly amazing organization. At the end of 2013, we were finally able to make that donation. I’ve never been happier filling out a check before! I’m so proud of our team and that we unanimously agreed to make this donation (which ended up being about 40% of our profits for the year.)

If it had been 100%, I still would have voted to do it for the reason I stated before which I will expand a bit on now-> To always give back. Most of you reading this are likely in a similar situation that I am in-> you have already won the lottery. No, not the winning ticket that put a yacht at the harbor for you, something much greater. You were born at this time, in this country (or one similar to it), and you have never truly gone hungry or been scared a day in your life.

Many are not quite as fortunate. So I have always felt that if you have the capacity it is incumbent upon you to help out where you can. google adsense banned Some people have money, others a talent, or others it may be time. But all of us have one of those and it doesn’t have to be in large amounts. intent here is not be preachy or guilt anyone into action, only to look at it from the standpoint of doing something, large or small.

Collectively we can make an actual difference!