WordPress or Drupal? Picking Between Two Heavyweights

          Drupal and WordPress are both top of the line content management systems. They are used by tens of thousands of people to create websites and blogs. Both of these Content Management Systems (CMS) have their differences and their own unique advantages and disadvantages. Drupal is commonly known as the “developer’s CMS”. If you know HTML and CSS programming and you want to create a customized site, then you should consider using this content management system. Unlike other content management systems, it does not have as many glitches when you install new plugins. The fact that this particular CMS has a large following proves that it is a well made, effective , and supported system. WordPress, on the other hand, is more search engine friendly than Drupal. There are in fact two WordPress CMS platforms. These are and WordPress my The former is easier to use than the latter, although the latter has more customization options for those who know a little about website programming and editing and it is designed for building websites. The main reason why both and offer better SEO than Drupal and other similar systems is that both versions of WordPress provide up to eighty or even ninety percent of the search optimization that a person would need for his or her site. It has SEO friendly built in features that enable one to gain good rankings for his or her site right off that bat.         As Matt Cutts from Google pointed out, WordPress is not only a very SEO friendly content management system, it is also easy to use and offers a high level of support. A person using will find that nearly all plugins are already installed. Those using will find numerous free plugins available via the dashboard. However, it is important to note that plugins tend to be a bit more “buggy.” On the other hand, Drupal plugins generally do not cause glitches and problems in a site. Both CMS’s have done a very good job of offering a high level of development community support as well as numerous useful plugins to choose from. While both WordPress and Drupal have their good points and bad points, the latter CMS is the best from an SEO standpoint. The fact is that both forms of WordPress are very search engine friendly. Sites made in WordPress are easy for Google and the other major search engines to crawl

and are thus are likely to get better ratings than a site made in Drupal, Joomla or one of the other popular CMS platforms.

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