Quick Hit: What Browser Do You Use?

Chrome, IE, Firefox I remember when Netscape Navigator was the browser of choice. In the digital world things tend to move a bit faster than they do in real life…..Netscape and AOL were really relevant 15 years ago. Now many on the internet haven’t heard of either of those companies….well they are actually one company now (AOL) but ultimately who cares. Now you have a number of choices but really only four primary ones: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari for you Mac users. So let’s make it really easy since this one of our Quick Hit editions.

Safari- Because it is Apple….

It has to be good, right? I’m not an Apple fan so a little bias will show through here. Safari is a solid browser. If you like all things Mac then this is the browser for you…….Oh, and it supports Flash (with a plug in) unlike most of Apple’s line up of products.

Internet Explorer- The Dinosaur

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) for your everyday browsing…..stop it. IE is slow, not up to date with the latest things in the web world. This will likely never change for IE. Somehow the latest release is always 2 years behind the others. We only use it to check for compatibility issues with the sites we build and for making changes to our routers….that is it.

Firefox- The Runner Up

A good option, solid, lots of tools, works on a lot of sites…..almost all of them. Pretty intuitive and much faster than IE. We keep it as our back up browser for sites that don’t play well with Chrome.

Chrome- The Winner

Quick, reliable, not perfect but the best available right now. Just last month Chrome passed IE as the most popular browser in the world and for good reason. Since its introduction in 2008, Google has looked at everything IE lacks and made that the centerpiece in their development. It has worked marvelously. Ready to download your browser upgrade? Download Firefox Download Chrome

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