Post Panda Update- 4 Tips To Succeed

With the release of the Google Panda update, the entire algorithm used for Google Indexing was changed. Before, purchase viagra online many techniques were used to reach the top of the search rankings, and now many of them are no longer valid. Now a whole new repertoire of techniques needs to be kept in mind as you create content. Traffic from the search engines still remains one of the most important sources, so search engine optimization is still vital to the success of any website or blog. Being behind the second page on the search results almost guarantees that your site will get virtually no search engine traffic, so be sure to take the extra time for proper SEO! Here are a few of the new techniques that work canada pharmacy online review for Google indexing after Panda. 1. Original Content Google Panda pays very close attention to the originality of your content. Copy and paste will no longer work, so be sure to create your own words. Duplicate content, despite popular belief, is not necessarily punished by Google, but it is ignored. Being ignored by the search bots is deadly to your site! 2. Useful Content Tips and how to articles and blogs remain very important to web users, and therefore are ranked highly in Google. When brainstorming content, it is still important to remember keyword density and including those keywords in the titles, but now you should also think of the end reader. If a visitor does not find your content useful for one reason or another, your numbers will be affected in a negative way. Google now takes this into account when indexing sites, so be more cautious about the relevancy and usefulness of the content on your pages. 3. Search Engine Submissions You should consider two very important things when submitting your pages to search engines. The first thing to remember is don’t waste time on the directories that don’t

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count. Use large directories such as Google, DMOZ, etc. Second, be sure the links contained on your pages are high quality links. Low quality links on a page are seen as SPAM. Avoid these at all costs, because even just a few can ruin your websites chances with Google. 4. Get Backlinks from Respected Websites The final important piece to the Google indexing puzzle is to get backlinks from websites which are already respected by Google. Sites with high page ranks can really boost your site by linking to it. To get these backlinks, try guest blogging for some of them, submitting articles to respected article directories, and even link exchanging. Remember to apply these 4 tips for ranking in Google and you will quickly see your site climb the search engine ranks. It won’t be long before you begin moving up the ranks!

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