A Beginners Look At Google Analytics

Google Analytics Google Analytics contains many important tools that any webmaster is sure to find helpful and useful. While Analytics is best known for its ability to analyze website traffic, it can in fact do a lot more than this, and it is customizable to suit your needs. Recently, Google has announced the addition of flow visualizations, yet one more feature that is sure to benefit webmasters the world over.

What Does Flow Visualizations Do?

  Flow visualizations is a program that will allow a webmaster to analyze visits to his or her site. This program uses what is known as a Sankey diagram to display valuable information. Using flow visualizations, a webmaster will be able to

see which pages get the most visits, how many people are clicking the shopping cart and where these people are from and more. This information can be sorted by browser, location and/or user type. This allows a webmaster to see which parts of the site are effective in drawing in clients and regular visitors.

Other Important Features


Adwords Tools

Google has some important features that benefit those running Google Adwords campaigns. One will be able to see website metrics that clearly display how many visitors are clicking on a particular ad and how many of these visitors are actually purchasing something. Analytics will analyze this information and create and save detailed reports so you can see your ROI.

Keyword Tools

As any good webmaster knows, a website must have good SEO if it is to be successful. The foundation of good SEO is choosing the right keywords. Google Analytics has a helpful tool that will allow one to see which keywords have a lot of competition and which do not. One will also be able to generate keyword spin-off ideas in Analytics.    


  It is important to analyze just how many visitors are coming to a site. Google Analytics displays detailed stats graphs that show not only how many people are visiting the site every day, but

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also the bounce rate and where the visitors are coming from. This will help a webmaster to target the demographic that is visiting the site regularly. These are some of the key features that one will find readily available in Google Analytics. Signing up to Google Analytics is free and will provide a webmaster with many helpful tools that will enable him or her to run a successful website. Furthermore, Google is updating Analytics all the time and adding new programs that make running a successful website easier than ever.  

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