5 Techniques to Creating an Effective Landing Page

You need to create a conversion funnel for converting leads…this requires an effective landing page. How is yours doing these days? When was the last time you checked on your landing page’s performance? Is you landing page failing to convert leads, although it is getting a good amount of traffic? The obvious diagnosis for such a situation is a problem in conversion, something somewhere is going sideways on you. However, do not worry, as this is not a fatal prognosis. The landing page just needs a bit of care, and a few tweaks, which will quickly nurse free sample of viagra it back to an effective marketing and converting tool.

Five Techniques to Create an Effective does medicare cover viagra Landing Page

1) Aligning Your Messages

Unaligned positioning and messaging is one of the reasons for poor conversion rates. Review the referral sources of your page to know the source of the traffic. Then check out the messaging from these referral sources. You might be generating traffic via social media and blogs for your landing page, however, the language you utilize for promotion may be uncoordinated with the wording you use in the landing page. If your messages sound conflicting, your visitors will get confused, and the product or service offered on the landing page will not meet with their expectations.

2) Call to Action

Make sure your landing page has a clear call to action that your visitors should take. When visitors have doubts about what action they need to take to get your offer, then your page definitely needs fixing. Your language should be clear, and should state the action that the visitor is required to take, and always avoid vague terms. Use action-based words that are specific like “sign up”, “register”, “download”, “add to cart” and so on.

3) No Site online viagra buy Navigation and Calls to action that Compete

A landing page is usually meant for one offer and if you have several competing calls then the visitor will surely get confused. This will increase the bounce-rate, and limit generation of leads as well. Keep to a specific offer per landing page, and remove navigation buttons on the top of the page, so that visitors are not tempted to navigate away from the offer.

4) Optimize the Length of Forms

Form length often contributes towards poor conversion rates. An effective landing page should have optimal form length over the counter viagra depending on the data requirements. Usually a poorly converting page will need a shorter form, and you need to test the new form length to see if there is any change in the conversion ( a simple A/B test can give the information you need.) However, make sure you are getting the data you require from your

visitors. Sometimes when good quality leads are required you might have to resort to longer forms, and this might result in fewer leads. On the other hand, when you are concerned about the lead volume, you could sacrifice on the quality, and make the forms small.

5) Offering a Sense of Security

Online security and privacy are becoming major concerns for many who use the Internet, and therefore providing security to your visitors should be a priority. When you ask people to complete your form for lead capture, they will be sharing personal information that is sensitive, and many people shy

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away from disclosure if adequate security or privacy is not provided. Apart from securing your site, you could also provide information about the privacy policy that your company is following. This will make your visitors more comfortable, and they will not hesitate to share such information.

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