Online Marketing for Small Business Owner

So, you own a small business check here. If you’re anything like me along with the euphoric feelings of independence, passion and occasional bouts of pure energy, you probably experience more than your fair share of sleepless nights worried about budgets, bottom lines and bankruptcy scenarios. Running a business isn’t for sissies. You have given up the relative security of a steady paycheck and decided to go it alone, make your own way and become a billionaire or fall on your ass of your own accord. Stressors aside I wouldn’t give up ROI Pop for a traditional 9-5 any day. I love being my own boss and steering the strategy of our little company. But I think more than anything what I love about ROI Pop is the opportunity it gives me to help other businesses. One of the great things about business in this day and age is how accessible everything has become. In the old days – ahem, or maybe 5 years ago – the thought of managing your own website and generic viagra online advertising seemed like a job fit only for quasi-genius backroom IT guys with resumes overflowing with mysterious acronyms. Though it may sometimes feel like it, advances in technology have not left normal guys and gals in the dust. Believe it or not technology has evolved in such a way that it is now easier to harness its power to benefit your business…without the use of experts. How can you effectively, efficiently leverage online tools to advertise your business without breaking the bank? Well, my friend, I’m glad you asked! There are many methods available at little or no cost that can bring impressive results. SEO (search engine optimization), pay-per-click advertising and social media provide great exposure and allow you to set your own budget. This enable you to pay what you can now and scale up as business grows. Creating a Facebook page, Twitter feed or YouTube channel, for example, is free and pharmacy online provides you space to tell your story and interact with consumers on platforms they already spend time on. You can throw a little money at social sites to increase your visibility, etc. but it is in no way necessary and, sometimes, not even recommended. Pay-per-click ads are a fantastic way to advertise. You set a budget, are charged only when someone clicks on your ad (meaning they see and interact with it), and the ad will automatically

stop running when your spend cap

has been reached. SEO improves your visibility on search engines like Google and Yahoo and can be implemented by fairly simple tricks that can be incorporated through your website. ROI Pop provides customized services which can teach you to leverage the power of online advertising, whatever your budget or level of technical saavy. We can run with you for a bit until you are ready for the training wheels to come off, or we can completely carry the load and report the results to you. We do this to give you one less thing to worry about during those inevitable sleepless nights known only to those crazy enough to run a small business. Cheers!

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