Nonprofits need to get serious about Search Engine Optimization

There is no question that nonprofits make our lives better. They impact us whether we notice them or not…and that may just be the problem, many non-profits have a challenge getting noticed. Over the past decade or so the number of registered 501 (c) (3) charities has nearly doubled, another challenge. In my (relatively small) hometown there are so many nonprofits it is literally a miracle that they can stay afloat financially. It is time to make a change on how nonprofits view SEO Regardless of size, nonprofits should start looking very seriously at developing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for their websites. It makes sense for a host of reasons, but in the interest of not boring you to death with a massive list we’ll focus on a few: 1) You need to be found With the proliferation of nonprofits, there is more competition out there. Simply putting up a website up and hoping that it will be found is not likely to work. Many nonprofits serve similar needs and in different capacities; international , national, regional, and local. With that in mind, it is an especially tough hill to climb for small to midsized nonprofits to be successful in organic search engine results. A well executed SEO strategy can help change that. 2) SEO is proven, cost effective and trackable Marketing isn’t cheap, but it is necessary. As a nonprofit you want to stretch your marketing dollar as efficiently as possible and save the rest for the cause you serve. Re-evaluating your current commitments to traditional media and carving out a budget for a SEO overhaul of your site will pay dividends within a few months…..and it is easier on you and generally less expensive than a mailing campaign. With free tools like Google Analytics you will be able to see where you were and how far you have come. 3) Search Engine Optimization is now, and it is the future Do you remember how you used to find information when you needed it? The phonebook, the newspaper, the library, 411, maybe even your neighbor. How many of those do you use on a regular basis now? The internet is king and has been for a while. Setting up your website and then doing nothing with it is akin to opening a store on an ice float in warm water……nothing good is going to happen. The Internet is like a phone book……

just has billions of pages, if you want to be relevant in the digital age you need a strategy to help make your cause stand out. This is all fine but where is the best place to start? Learning more about SEO is an important first step. ROI Pop has put together a free guide called SEO for Nonprofits. The guide will provide you with valuable and actionable information that will make an impact on your understanding of SEO and your position with the search engines. Once you have taken the first step the

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next natural one is to consult with a SEO professional. There are a lot of them out there, so take your time and do a little research. At ROI Pop we specialize in working with nonprofits so feel free to contact us anytime for a consultation or to have our professionals perform an audit of your site.

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