Three Alternatives To Using Google Adwords

Pay per click advertising is quite popular and Google Adwords is presently the most popular advertising platform of this nature. However, Adwords is not the only advertising PPC advertising platform; neither is it the best one in all instances. A person who is serious about promoting his or her business should explore some alternatives to Google Adwords. There are various Adwords alternatives to choose from and some of the best ones are listed below.




AdCenter is a PPC advertising platform that was developed by Microsoft. It runs on Bing and Yahoo, two major search engines that are used by millions of people around the world. Using AdCenter may in many cases be more affordable than using Google Adwords, as the former advertising platform has less competition than Adwords. However, much depends on the exact keywords that one wants to target. Those who are trying to reach the widest possible audience may want to use AdCenter in conjunction with Adwords in order to reach all the major search engines.


Adknowledge offers both internet advertising and social media advertising. It uses targeted advertising techniques that will help one to get a high return on investment. Adknowledge will target those who are most likely to click on the ad and purchase the product or service being offered. Additionally, this program provides statistics, charts and analysis that will enable one to get the best value for his or her advertising dollars.  As this company is not as popular as Google (but still the 4th largest ad marketplace), the competition is relatively low, making it possible for even a small company with limited advertising dollars to start a successful internet advertising campaign.


AdBrite is a leading advertising agency that offers much better prices than Google. This site is commonly used by small businesses that are unable to compete for PPC advertising on Google Adwords. Another advantage to using AdBrite is that it offers various unique forms of advertising. Flapzaadugaca This allows one to create a customized ad that is unique and sure to attract the attention of potential customers.

While Google Adwords is the leader in PPC advertising, it is also quite expensive and many small and medium sized businesses have a hard time competing for PPC advertisements. The good news is that there are various viable alternatives to Google, such as the three companies mentioned above. These three advertising agencies allow one to create targeted advertisements at a reasonable price. Using any one of the above mentioned agencies will allow one to reach potential customers online and create a greater awareness of his or her company and what it has to offer.

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