A Snapshot On Volunteerism

Volunteers Image Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to help them accomplish various projects and initiatives. While there buy viagra are many people who work for nonprofits full time, nonprofit organizations would not be able to do near as much without the best canada online pharmacy assistance of the tens of thousands of people who volunteer every year. While the economic downturn has affected organizations that do full time charity work, volunteerism has been largely unaffected. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has estimated that the number of volunteers has decreased by a mere half a percentage point. The volunteer rate for the previous two to three years was pretty steady prior to this slight decline. In short, it appears that i viagra naturali the rising jobless rate has not had a significant impact on volunteerism. The evidence suggests that persons above the age of 35 are more likely to volunteer than those in

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their twenties. Interestingly enough, those who have had children are more likely to volunteer than those who have never had children. While the number of volunteer parents with minor children has decreased, the decrease rate is less than a percentage point. It is also interesting to note that the higher one’s level of education, the more likely he or she is to volunteer. The BLS has found that over 70% of volunteers had at least a college degree. Out of this volunteer group, over 40% have a bachelors degree or higher. Statistics show that volunteerism is likely to increase as time goes by. One

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reason for this is the fact that baby boomers are getting older and retiring; thus they have more free time to volunteer. Statistics show that individuals who were born between 1945 and 1955 are more likely to volunteer than those who were born after 1945. Therefore, it seems the number of elderly volunteers is set to increase. Furthermore, those who are presently studying or just starting work are likely to volunteer once they reach middle age and become more settled. Tens of thousands of people volunteer each year. These people help to make the country what it is; without their help, nonprofit organizations would not be able to do all that they would need to do in order to help the poor and needy. Thankfully, the economic downturn has not had a serious impact on the number of people who volunteer every year. In fact, many Americans have taken stock on what truly matters because of our economic woes. A focus on family and impacting our communities in a positive way has taken a front seat over some of our lesser self indulgent pursuits. Let’s hope the trend continues.

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