WNot for profit? hy bother? While many might share this sentiment we are lucky that this world contains people who operate by a higher moral code. There are people, whole organizations even, that exist purely to help others: the underdogs and the downtrodden, victims of disease or circumstance that just need a helping hand. I’m talking about non-profits, and I am proud to call many of these admirable organizations clients of ROI Pop.

We understand non-profits by definition do not have a large revenue stream to work with when it comes to marketing. Part of the fun for us is finding solutions that will give them the most bang for their buck. A great way to do this is to bring all website management in-house. Website maintenance can cost many companies a large portion of their budgets, seriously affecting their bottom lines. In the case of a non-profit any unnecessary spend affects not only the organization but the people and causes they serve. As one of my favorite rural sayings goes: that dog just won’t hunt!

Managing your website through a third party is not only costly, but is usually very inefficient. For example: you want to change an image on your website. Seems easy enough, right? You email your webmaster your request and wait for a reply. And you wait. When your webmaster has finished his or her game of “World of Warcraft” or ‘Words With Friends” they update your image. Well, you are not happy with the placement or some such detail. More email exchanges, more time goes by, and eventually your image is changed to your satisfaction… with a cost of your time and chargeable time by your outside vendor. Now imagine being able to update that image yourself in a few minutes. It’s possible and it’s not that complicated.

You simply need someone to teach you how. Enter ROI Pop. We understand the thought of managing a website without an outside agency is daunting to many and seems impossible to some. We get it. It all seems very techy and mysterious. The great thing is we have the ability to set you up with a user-friendly website that is easy to update, navigate and will represent your organization in the ways that are important to you. We teach you “how to fish”, so to speak. The way technology has changed in the past few years has made this possible.

Content Management System’s like WordPress have made it a lot easier. You don’t need to be a tech guru in order to make everyday adjustments to your site. We are always there to answer the inevitable questions that come along with learning a new skill, but ultimately we will watch with pride as you take on the task on your own. Managing your own website will free up time and money for the important things, like concentrating on your cause.

While many may not understand why someone would operate an organization without the goal of lining their pockets, we in fact do project planning software. Trust me, a lot of agencies can’t stand the fact that ROI Pop shows our clients how to manage their website. But there are a number of agencies that are starting to get the message, it’s a new world.

So here’s to you, non-profits! We applaud your values and what you do everyday.