The Economic Downturn Has Affected Non Profit Organizations, Now What?

  The economic downturn has greatly affected nonprofit organizations (NPO’s) that have throughout the years acted as a “safety net” for those who need help. Just this year, 275,000 501 (c) (3) organizations have lost their status, because they have been unable to secure the funding needed or they failed to comply with new reporting requirements. This statistic represents a unfortunate reality. With an unemployment rate of over 9%, more and more people need help. At the same time, donations to charitable organizations have declined; limiting just how much NPO’s can do to fill the ever growing need. However, all is not lost. Many nonprofit organizations are finding new ways to raise funds. The internet has provided many such organizations with new ideas and fundraising methods that are helping them to continue their mission. One avenue of support that many NPO’s are tapping into is Pay Per Click advertising. Google has a program for nonprofits where they can receive a Google Grant that allows them place ads on Google’s vast network for free. Google says the average monthly grant for a NPO is around $500 but mostly we see $5,000-$10,000 a month being the norm. Imagine what you could do with an extra $120,000 a year to promote your buy generic cialis cause?! So you need to do more with less, don’t we all. Re-evaluating how you have always done things is an important step for any NPO in this age. Traditional media (radio, TV, print) is great but can also can expensive. By all mean continue

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using it but try mixing your media efforts. This can be done in a variety of ways; In your mailing outreach include a QR Code that gives the receiver an easy option to support you right there. Because donors can be lazy, writing a check and mailing it gets lost in the shuffle in our day to day lives. QR Codes are simple to use and free, if you need a generator you can find it here. Another option to consider is text message donations. Until recently only certain size NPO’s

could take advantage of this service ($500,000 a year in revenue minimum) and it was limited to a one time donation at a specific amount, and you didn’t capture the donor’s information. Thankfully, that has changed. Now any organization can have this service, capture valuable donor info, set up recurring pledges, and you can use it on brochures, billboards, mailers, at a speaking engagement or event…..really endless possibilities. If you need help with this option we can get you there. Social media is also important. If you aren’t using it yet then you are way behind. You need to say something worthwhile or offer something in order for your audience to be engaged. Managing these platforms with communications dashboard like HootSuite will help you cialis vs viagra make the most of your time. HootSuite lets you publish to multiple platforms (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIN etc) in the same dashboard. It also allows you to schedule your post, so you can sit down and in 30 minutes you can create an entire week worth of content. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment. The NPO’s that embrace cialis online new ideas and ways of attracting donors will thrive now and in the future. So give it a try.

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