Nonprofits can use PPC to their advantage, start hiring!

If you run a nonprofit organization, you understand how important it is to drive targeted traffic to your website. Charities and nonprofits need to see results when they dedicate money to Internet marketing. If you are looking for a measurable return on your investment, professional management is likely necessary. Our agency, ROI Pop is a leading Internet marketing company specifically focused on promoting nonprofit organizations and charities. With a blend of technologies and skill, your marketing agency should make your site visible so you get the enhanced exposure you deserve.

What Is PPC?

  If you run a nonprofit organization, you may not be that familiar with what PPC means. PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click advertising is the quickest way to drive targeted traffic to your website. With online text or banner ads, you can advertise your site 24 hours a day 7 days a week. With the right ads and the right marketing company, you will attract highly qualified visitors to your website.

How Will PPC Benefit You?

  Unlike direct mail campaigns, PPC advertising can be developed and rolled out quickly. Once the campaign is launched, you can target the right prospects for your cause. Over time the campaign can be honed to ensure an increasing click-through rate (getting people to click on your ad and going to your desired location) and the right advertisements being served up. You will no longer waste your marketing money on targeting the wrong niches or

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running on the wrong message. This will lead to additional revenue and new donors to your organization.

Why You Should Hire Someone to Manage Your PPC Campaign

  With more than 16 billion published websites on the Internet……that’s right over 3 times as many people as there are on Earth, hiring an Internet advertising firm specializing in your sector is essential. If you want to attract the right visitors and get more for your marketing money, hiring an agency that understands nonprofits is really the key. For example, if you have a Google Grant, then you have a further disadvantage in mounting a successful campaign as a lay person. Google restricts what a Google Grant recipient can bid on, primarily a $1 dollar limit on any bid. PPC is very competitive and this limitation requires a high degree of expertise to get around. Many Google Grant recipients only spend a small percentage of their grant every month, and they also tend to not rake in the donations either. This is mostly because Google doesn’t train the recipients on how to go about their campaigns (aside from a PDF), and really no one can blame them. It takes a lot of time to become proficient at conducting successful PPC campaigns. Asking Google to provide training would be akin to someone giving you a brand new car, and then you asking them to throw in driving lessons, gas and maintenance. Google has done enough, now it is on you to get that car rolling down the road. When you decide to take on an agency, do your due diligence. Ask a lot of questions, learn about PPC and the metrics that will matter to your organization, don’t sign a long term contract, and the agency that you are interviewing should ask a lot of questions as well, if not then move on. Happy hunting!

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