Google Grants->An Update

No doubt Google Grants is a great program for nonprofits (NPO’s), but it is still an underutilized one. Most Grantee’s use less than $1,000 of the typical $10,000 a month grant. There is some evidence that Google is trying to change this and also punch out the dead weight in the program. Last year, a new annual review was implemented, the bid amount was raised to $2.00, a 30 day (each month) use it or lose it policy, and a few other things came along. All of which we think are good things u6wjrow. The result, appears to be, (Google is pretty secretive as you know, so this is merely an educated guess) that the overall quality of the campaigns and grantees has improved. Why?, you ask. Fairly simple. The ones that were coasting along in the program got axed, or if they didn’t respond to the audit they got kicked out. Our guess is that this lead to hundreds if not a 1,000+ grants being revoked. the remaining group fell into 3 categories.

  1. Ones that are competent enough to manage their campaigns in house
  2. Those that have professional management
  3. Those that flipped out, somehow managed to get their campaigns in compliance, and slipped through

That 3rd category is the most interesting one. They got lucky this last go around. But the annual audit is here again (July) and more changes are

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part of program again. This year this group of nonprofits has to fall into one of the first two categories. If they don’t then they might need to explain to their board why they lost a $120,000 a year in-kind donation. So if you are a NPO professional and you are not sure where you land, then you are in the 3rd category. If you need some help, we are here, and we will happily give you a free consultation.    

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