Considerations for SEO and Conversion Rate Optimization

When you run a business online, you should remember there are many other people doing the same. There are millions of entrepreneurs making their living online. So, if you want to be ahead in this highly competitive field you need a solid understanding of social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You should also know the elements of designing a website so that conversion rate optimization is achieved. If terms like “conversion rate” and “SEO” seem a bit daunting to you, you need not worry, as they can be easily grasped. You can start off by reading the following tips which will give you a sound grounding on this topic.


Getting people to visit your website is only the initial step in a sales process online. These people can easily jump to some other site with a click of their mouse. The likelihood of such a thing happening can be greatly reduced by having a clean site with a stylish  and confidence inspiring design. When you have a simple design you should also not expect your visitors to go through a series of complex steps just to reach the shopping cart. Your site should be uncluttered with simple navigation. This will prompt people to stay on and explore your site further. If their experience on your site is an easy one then they are more likely to become your customers.

Don’t forget to have a call to action

It is important to have a strong call to action to your desired result (a purchase, a registration, a download etc). Visitors have to be told, what they should do, and you should not leave them hanging in the dark. If your website incites a confused reaction from visitors, it means they have no idea what they should do next. In such cases visitors will likely leave your website without accomplishing your desired result . The terminology used has a strong effect on inducing this action. When you use phrases such as “add to shopping cart” or “buy now” it gives clear cut instructions. First you have to capture the interest of the visitor and then funnel them, in the simplest way to your desired result. project plan.

Your website content should always have clear calls to action to induce the visitor to proceed to the next logical step in the process. After providing proper explanation of the service or product you need to include phrases like “Click Here Now to Order” or “Download Now”,  “See More Information about the Product Here”. The links within these action calls will prompt visitors to take the next step. These links should also be streamlined and easy to follow.  To sum it up, your visitors should be enticed to click the moment they land on your site.

Optimize it

There are quite a few ways to go about conversion rate optimization for your site. You could improve the color combinations on your site to see if it improves the conversion rate, and you will be surprised to find that a simple change in color has quite an effect. You could also use heat maps to find out how various design changes can affect visitor interactions on your website.  Perhaps pursuing a dynamic A/B testing  of a sign up form on your site. Maybe font changes, or  changing the placement or size of your calls to action.  It really is endless!

Prioritizing Keywords

At the core of any SEO campaign that is successful, is the importance given to proper keywords. You need to use your selected group of key phrases and keywords properly to have the desired effect. Over-stuffing your content with keywords is not going to help, and will in fact put you in the penalty with the popular search engines. Keywords have to be used wherever relevant and the flow should be natural all through your content. You should always remember to use key phrases and key words in the anchor text. What is that you ask?,  it is the actual words you use while creating a hyperlink.  Keywords have to be used in headers and titles as well. Done well you will maintain a properly organized site which is simple to scan and easy on the reader and the search engine bots as well.

Relevancy must be maintained

Relevancy plays an important role in search engine optimization. Search engines will only give a proper ranking to your website if they find the relevant keywords. If back-links connecting to your website do not have any relevancy then your site’s ranking will go down. All through the designing and linking process of your website keep the relevancy factor uppermost in your mind. Even when other websites want to link to your site, you should check them if their content has any relevancy to your website. Each decision you take is important and common sense plays quite a vital role. You are looking for people who are interested in what you are providing and there is no use tricking anybody. Check out sites like SEOMoves, SEOBook, or SEOMoz to see how your campaign is progressing. These sites charge a nominal fee annually and have a simple interface for tracking your site’s data and statistics.

Make your connections a snap

The online marketing process has been greatly transformed by the popularity of social media. If you have not got your accounts on Facebook and Twitter up and running then it is high time you do.  Nowadays, it is not surprising at all the ease with which you can get in touch with your potential audience, as well keep your existing audience in touch and engaged. Having social media icons on your site gives your visitors the impression of relevance and that you are active online. Social media is also a great tool in generating trackable traffic  back to your website.

Running a successful venture online requires a constant devotion to search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization. Most business owners don’t have the skill set to do it on their own, this is why hiring a professional to conduct your optimization for you will be money well spent.

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