Get Responsive!

This shouldn’t come as news to you but if your website is 3-4 years old it is time to blow it up and start over.  And when you are out there looking for someone to build you a new site make sure that they are going to make it responsive.  A lot of sites out there are mobile friendly…to a degree.  You get a small version of your site that renders on your mobile device.  Usually very small, and you end up zooming in on the areas you want to use……like I said, friendly to a degree.  Responsive websites work a bit differently.  They “respond” to what device is viewing a site and in turn delivers the correct resolution/right size to that device.  In other words, less zooming and squinting.   It is a great way to keep your development costs down too.  Yes, responsive sites require a bit more coding, but you don’t have to make a separate mobile version of your site that works on Androids, iPads, iPhone etc……………this will save you a ton of money and frustration for your users!

We aren’t alone in our belief that responsive sites are the way to go.  Smashing Hub  felt strongly enough about it to make it one of their top trends for 2013.  I’ll say though that trend has been building for a while now.  A lot of our clients in 2010 maybe had about 8-10% of their traffic coming from mobile devices, today it is approaching 30%.

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