Well, It’s a well!

We have had some pretty simple guidelines around here at ROI Pop. Some of the most important ones have been to do better for those around us and those we work with and to always give back. I try and live this everyday and at times I fail….like we...
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Ahh Google Grants

So maybe you are one of the lucky nonprofit organizations that has a Google Grant. Well hold on a bit, it could be disappearing. Google is currently having all grantees re-up their grant. ask me So if you have had a grant for more than 6 months you will...
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Nonprofit? No Problem….

Not for profit? Why bother? While many might share this sentiment we are lucky that this world contains people who operate by a higher moral code. There are people, whole organizations even, that exist purely to help others: the underdogs and the downtrodden,...
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