So maybe you are one of the lucky nonprofit organizations that has a Google Grant. Well hold on a bit, it could be disappearing. Google is currently having all grantees re-up their grant. ask me So if you have had a grant for more than 6 months you will or have already received an email letting you know that you have some work to do. This may not seem like that big a deal, but it is and here’s why

  • This is going to become an annual thing, not sporadic like before
  • The time frame to comply is pretty short, less than 30 days.
  • They are cracking down on adhering to the guidelines/TOS of the program
  • This is coupled with other changes to the program, nanmely->You must sign in once a month (was 3 months).

Now this isn’t all bad. There is a point being made by Google here-> “We have given you a gift, now use it, and use it correctly, if you don’t we will give it to someone else.” And it is a point that has a lot of merit. We do a lot of consulting and management of Google Grants and we often initially see that nonprofits forget they even have the grant or it is under utilized to the point of it being irrelevant. Only my opinion, but I think Google wants to limit the number of grants it has out there. In doing so, they want to have a stronger mechanism to kick out the dead weight and raise the quality of the grantees within the program over time.

So if you are reading this and you haven’t taken care of this requirement here is your task for the day: